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1. Main rules

Pilipinas.Review is the project what make possibilities to review or comment any thing, object or subject, person or company. It was made for review in few type - negative, positive or neutral. Soon it will give some rating for each subject.

Each user need to follow these rules, or else he will be blocked.

2. Account

Any person can make one account. For registration needs to follow form, and write there full name, login name, email and password. For adding reviews user should prove his email via code. The code sending to email of user after registration.

In future user can edit his information in account page.

Prohibited to use fake names and make few accounts for one person.

Companies need to prove that it's real representative of the company, then add their company to the list of subjects. Companies cannot add reviews.

3. Categories

Any user can add category if it's not exist in the website. After checking, administrator adding category or delete it. 

4. Subjects 

Subjects contain comments about them. If subject not exist, any user can add more subjects and review for them. After checking, administrator adding category or delete it.

5. Reviews

Possible to add review for any subject. Please, honestly write review about the subject.


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